RA label of the month: Nervous Horizon

“The reason we can’t put a genre on what we do,” suggests Tommaso Wallwork, “is that we’re London producers being influenced by the world. We absorb it all like a sponge.” From gqom to grime, dembow to funky, Jersey club to Dutch bubbling, the building blocks of UK club now come from around the world. No label defines this shift as clearly as Nervous Horizon.

Founded in 2015 by two Italian-born Londoners, Nervous Horizon has been at the vanguard of every recent stylistic shift in the capital’s bass scene. Early inspiration came from the vibrant, hard-hitting club hybrids of the post-Night Slugs era, drawing on the tough percussive energy of grime and UK funky in particular. In the short space of time since, the label has developed a distinct sound of its own: playfully experimental but resolutely functional, folding in elements of gqom, reggaeton or Dutch bubbling (to name a few), sourced from a global roster of artists but readymade for London basements. Where some labels might attempt a land grab, Nervous Horizon also takes care to pay tribute to stylistic innovators, platforming artists who risk being written out of the conversation…

Read the feature on Resident Advisor (February 2020)


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